GT - Transparent nylon

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Transparent Barrier Nylon GT Series

Application Areas

  • Electrical industry (switches and connections)
  • Automotive industry (motor isolators, fuel modules, thermostat housings, air coolers, and much more)


Polyphthalamide (PPA) is a semi-crystalline and partially aromatic polyamide that has a high temperature resistance. The PPA remains very stable both at high temperatures and in a chemically aggressive environment and continues to have excellent mechanical and electrical properties. PPA is mainly used as a substitute for metals that require high temperature resistance.

Product characteristics

  • Suitable for processing above 150 ° C
  • Heat resistance up to 280 ° C
  • Higher strength than aluminium
  • Higher rigidity than steel
  • More flexible, impact resistant and more malleable under heat than hard rubber
  • Retains 90% of these properties even at a relative humidity of 50%
  • Good tolerance span against ethylene glycol water erosion
  • Very resistant to gasoline

Compared to traditional nylon, PPA has a 33% lower water absorption. In addition, PPA has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, comparable to metal or metal alloy