Hollow Glass Spheres (HGS)

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Hollow Glass Spheres (HGS)

Application Areas

  • Floats
  • Emulsion explosives
  • Compounds
  • Professional clays
  • Tooling boards

Product characteristics

  • Melting point above 650°C (=fire-resistant)
  • Reduces VOC & solvent usage
  • Thermal insulation due to low heat transfer coefficients (0.0382-0.0910(W/m.K))
  • Low density reduces binder content and costs
  • Chemically inert, very low water absorption, iron content < 50ppm, magnetic impurities < 150ppm
  • Defined particle sizes in the micrometer range
  • Reduces shrinkage, provides dimensional stability
  • increase ageing resistance in inorganic formulations